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Heat and gas supply

The "Heat and gas supply" is a unique character enabling to train graduates for which there is public demand for a large industry such as heat and gas supply. The specialty has its own appearance in relation to ecological and economical use of energy, which is a priority task of our state.

Under the project "Energy Strategy of Bulgaria for 2020," development of the sector will be based on diversification of energy supplies, development of competitive energy markets that ensure the protection of consumer interests, the strategy indicates.

Among the top priorities is improving energy efficiency, use of local resources which are based on renewable energy sources.

Bulgaria's participation in future projects "Nabucco" and "South Stream" outlines the rapid growth of this market sector.

This raises the need for training of quality personnel who can solve problems associated with the continuous increase of energy carriers and related environmental pollution, increase the volume of greenhouse gases and depletion of scarce natural resources.

These requirements are reflected in the curriculum of students’ education for specialty "Heat and gas supply" in Technical College - Yambol, which main goal is to train technicians with a broad classification for a wide perimeter of different areas of social and economic life.

The combination of fundamental, technical and specialized training in educational - qualification degree "professional bachelor", supplemented by economic knowledge, facilitate machine specialists specialty "Heat and gas supply" to solve a wide range of tasks in a market economy:

-                to design, adjust and operate the heat engineering systems and equipment in industry and households;

-                to organize, conduct and supervise repairs of heating systems and equipment in industry and households;

-                to manage, control and regulate the processes involved in transporting gas by pipeline through the pump and compressor stations in industry, construction and highways pipelines;

-                perform management activities;

-                carry out training and teaching in secondary and vocational education in related areas of specialty.

Graduates of degree "professional bachelor" can work as entrepreneurs, investors and managers of small and medium-sized companies for building plants and their maintenance provider of distribution of pumping and compressor stations, pipeline supervisor of highways, heads of laboratories and workshops for adjustment and repair of gas equipment and gas supervisor rescue Service.




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