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Department „Mechanical Engineering and Energetics"


Department „Mechanical Engineering and Energetics", provides training of students of the specialties "Motor transport and agricultural machinery" and "Textile Machinery and Technologies" from professional field of "Mechanical Engineering". Academic staff of the department has 19 teachers, of which 10 professors and 9 assistant professors.

The main areas on which work in the department are:

1. Optimal management of agricultural tractor units;

2. Fuel economy of agricultural tractors;

3. Alternative fuels and oils;

4. Machinery for cultivation, sowing and harvesting;

5. Maintenance, diagnosis and repair of agricultural machinery;

6. Fashion and clothing design;

7. Design apparel CAD systems;

8. Design and technology of clothing.

The Department supports business and creative contacts with similar institutes and companies at home and abroad.

With the existing facilities, information insurance on courses and its staff potential, the Department „MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND ENERGETICS" meet the modern requirements and conduct study on high level.


Head of Department „Mechanical Engineering and Energetics"

Assoc.Prof.PhD Ilia Ginkov

Phone: +35946669181; e-mail: ilginkov[at]

Department coordinator: Irina Georgieva



Teaching staff:

Assoc.Prof.PhD Krasimira Georgieva Dean                                  room 233       CV       Publications

e-mail: krgeorgieva[at]

Area of scientific interests: Applied Geometry and Engineering Graphics, Engines, Agricultural and irrigation machines, Automated Information Processing and Management (in sectors); Podplastova drilling, construction and experimentation combined agricultural machinery, automation systems for diagnosing diseases vineyards , Fermentation processes, systems with variable structure modeling and management


Assoc.Prof.PhD Ilia Ginkov Iliev                                                     room 128        CV       Publications

e-mail: ilginkov[at]

Area of scientific interests: internal combustion engines, tractors, cars, fuel economy


Prof.PhD Georgi Asenov Tasev                                                      room 227       CV       Publications

Area of scientific interests: Research and statistical analysis

Assoc.Prof.PhD Galia Dolapchieva                                                room 319        CV       Publications

e-mail: gdolapchieva[at]

Area of scientific interests: Design and manufacture of clothing. Design of production lines


Assoc.Prof.PhD Stancho Stanchev                                               room 238        CV       Publications

e-mail: stan4ev_49[at]

Area of scientific interests: Transport equipment and technical expertise


Assoc.Prof.PhD Zlatinka Kazlacheva                                            room 110        CV       Publications

e-mail: z_kazlacheva[at]

Area of scientific interests: Fashion design, construction and modeling clothing - improved design methodologies and CAD design

Assoc.Prof.PhD Mitko Stoianov                                                   room 126        CV       Publications

e-mail: mitko_1166[at]

Area of scientific interests: Internal Combustion Engines, Car operational materials, repair and diagnostics of cars


Assoc.Prof.PhD Neli Georgieva                                                   room 227        CV       Publications

e-mail: ngeorgieva[at]

Area of scientific interests: Combined treatment of hydraulic openings, Manufacturing Technology


Assoc.Prof.PhD Ivan Lazarov                                                      room 315        CV       Publications

e-mail: isl51[at]

Area of scientific interests:

"Technical Safety", "Risk assessment for safety and health", • "Mechanical and Precision Engineering", "Maintenance and repair of machinery", "Heat and gas", "Industrial Ventilation", "Automation of technological processes" "entrepreneurship and Management "," Mechatronics " 

Assoc.Prof.PhD Rashko Ivanov                                                   room 227        CV       Publications

Area of scientific interests: Heating and ventilation in livestock, saving energy in agriculture


Assist.Prof. Diana Balabanova                                                   room 110        CV       Publications

e-mail: dir_balabanova[at]

Area of scientific interests: Investigation of mechanisms to move the needle of the sewing machine, sewing machinery, knitting, designing and modeling clothing


Assist.Prof. Georgi Georgiev                                                      room 130        CV       Publications

e-mail: hettrik[at]

Area of scientific interests: Traffic Safety


Assist.Prof. Petar Kazakov                                                        room 125        CV       Publications

e-mail: peter_yb[at]

Area of scientific interests: Internal Combustion Engines, Fuels and oils


Assist.Prof. Katia Byuzyukeva                                                   room 319        CV       Publications

e-mail: katia_bu[at]

Area of scientific interests: Technology of clothing


Assist.Prof. Stati Naidenov                                                        room 419        CV       Publications

Area of scientific interests: technical Safety


Assist.Prof. Petar Michalev                                                                             CV       Publications

e-mail: pe6entseto[at] 

 Area of scientific interests: Machinery for tillage, sowing and harvesting, diagnostics and maintenance of machines 

Assist.Prof. Krasimir Georgiev                                                   room 128        CV       Publications

e-mail: krasimir_georgiev_2[at] 

Area of scientific interests: technical sciences, traffic safety, traffic organization


Assist.Prof. Tanya Dimitrova                                                      room 227        CV       Publications

e-mail: tanyadimitr[at]

Area of scientific interests: Modeling and analysis of combustion processes


Assist.Prof. Ivan Binev                                                              room 227        CV       Publications

e-mail: ibbinev[at]

Area of scientific interests: Heat and gas


Assist.Prof. Julieta Ilieva                                                           room 110        CV       Publications

e-mail: j.g.ilieva[at]

Area of scientific interests:  Modeling and design of clothing


Assist.Prof. Georgi Kolev Georgiev                                            room             CV       Publications


Area of scientific interests:



Assist.Prof. Nevena Ivanova                                                     room             CV       Publications




Area of scientific interests:





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