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Electrical Engineering Major

The subject "Electrical engineering" is a comprehensive subject empowering to graduating to realize in various branches of industries, power engineering and others. It provides good general technical skills and thorough knowledge of electrical machinery, apparatus and technologies.

The duration of training is three years. Successful graduates receive a diploma of higher education, degree of "professional bachelor". The curriculum was developed in accordance with the United State Requirements.
The subject has been accredited by a decision of the NEAA of the Council of Ministers 25.06.2010g. for a period of 6 years.


The specialist in „Electrical engineering” acquires general technical and specialized knowledge by:

·             electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics, electrical measurements, computer technique  and programming, technical equipment for control and management, electrical materials and machine elements;

·             electrical machinery, electrical apparatus, electrical technology, electrical operation, conversion technique, electrical micro machines, control and diagnostics of electrical machines and others.


The specialist in „Electrical engineering” acquires professional skills:

·             to make installation of electrical machinery and apparatus;

·             to put into operation and servicing electrical systems and equipment;

·             to perform technological, manufacturing and research activities related to the specialty.


Graduates receive a good theoretical and practical training and can work as technologists in the manufacture of electrical machinery and equipment, specialists in implementation, installation and operation of electrical machinery and apparatus, the head of teams of the National Electric Company, heads of departments and repair shops of electrical machinery and equipment in industrial enterprises, organizers and managers of small and medium companies for repair and manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus.

Graduates can continue their education in degree "Bachelor" and "Master" under conditions and order set by the State requirements or the Rules of universities.

The specialist in „Electrical engineering” with such qualification fully meets the needs of the country and the European requirements for senior staff in the field of low voltage electrical engineering.




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