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Our Mission

The main priorities of the management of FET - Yambol are aimed to continuing the best traditions and practices to improve the quality of education and training, to improve conditions and promote scientific research and development of staff , expansion of international business development , participation and implementation of international and European projects and improving the equipment .

Faculty of Engineeirng and Technologies  - Yambol, as a basic unit in the structure of Trakia University receives a state order and  it takes place 3 years training “  Full-time” and  “Part-time” under degree " Professional bachelor" on 6 accredited majors .

FET - Yambol have organized annual scientific sessions  since 2000. It was co-organizer  of a scientific conference with international participation (" Space, nature, man") in 2002  , a scientific conference with internat o nal participation . (" Information Technology. Science,equipment, technology ") in 2003, a scientific practical conference with international participation, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of John Atanasov ),  In 2004  Technical college organized a conference Science, technology and education  “,dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the FET - Yambol . I n 2009  it realized a conference European dimension of education and science " . On these scientific sessions and conferences are analyzed and deposited  staff's research results of scientific and practical character . Some of the developments are in cooperation with other universities and related companies.

FET - Yambol has long standing traditions in the qualification activities .  FET is licensed for ”Vocational training center” for 28 professions. Since its founding to the present  the FET  has carried out vocational training " Instructor training of drivers " . It conducted pursuant to " Recurrent training  courses for trainers  of drivers " in the country, There are annually organized courses for professional qualify " teacher" at the FET.





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