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TC Majors

Because of conforming to the Higher education act on 28 Nov 12006 the Thracian university–Stara Zagora received an institutional accreditation with a decision of the National agency for evaluation and accreditation (NAEA) at the Ministerial council.  The following majors at the Technical College –Yambol were accredited of the National agency for evaluation and accreditation (NAEA) at the Ministerial council.


The Technical College has a main building, up-to-date equipped halls and labs. The practical training is done at special premises for practical work and at enterprises and schools where students can do their internship. There is a student sports center, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, a coffee shop, a bookstore, a canteen and two dormitories with a capacity of more than 450 beds.

The duration of studies of all majors is three years. Graduating students receive a Professional Bachelor's degree and a teacher's qualification.
Students are trained to be specialists who can carry out, organize and control all the activities in the chosen professional area. The theoretical and practical training in the compulsory courses of the divisions and the majors gives them an opportunity to work as specialists at state and private companies.

 Automation, information and controlling equipment - Students graduating with this major have the chance to find a job as specialists in introducing, fixing and operating modern means in automation and computer-controlled equipment.

 Auto transport and Agricultural Technique - technological controllers of the quality, maintenance and repair of cars, controllers etc.;  technicians, technologists and specialists at private, joint farms and partnerships, entrepreneurs, investors, managers and farmers.

 Design, Technology and Management of Fashion Industry  - designers of clothing, technologists in sewing and textile production, clothing and textile advertising agents, designer of patterns in textiles, repair and technical specialists in textile and maintenance of textile and sewing machines, managers of dressmaking and tailoring, and knitting shops and fashion houses.

 Technology of foods - they can work as technologists and organizers of production technological processes in the Food, wine and tobacco industries, manufacture of refrigerators and network of shops, quality controllers of raw materials in foods production.

Heat and Gas Supplying - the newest major in the TC.  - The "Heat and gas supply" is a unique character enabling to train graduates for which there is public demand for a large industry such as heat and gas supply. The specialty has its own appearance in relation to ecological and economical use of energy, which is a priority task of our state.

 Electrical engineering - Technologist in production of electrical machines and equipment, organizer of assembling, introduction, operation and repair of electrical machines and equipment at various units of the national electrical company, factories and firms.

The Technical college - Yambol was founded in 1964. In 1973 it became an independent institute for training and improving the qualification of practice teachers. In 1989 it turned into an Institute, part of the Higher technical university "Angle Kanchev" - Ruse. With Decree No 374/ 15.10.1997 of the Ministerial council it was transformed into a Technical college, part of the Thracian university - Stara Zagora, and with range of activities - training of technical staff and teachers.




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