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History of FTT

Faculty of Technics and Technologies (FTT) - Yambol, as a basic unit of the structure of Trakia University, is guided by a mission to address national issues that is perceived as its vocation. The main goal is the dissemination of knowledge and conducting scientific investigations in its defined scientific areas and contribution in building values in the young people.

The main priorities of the management of FTT - Yambol are aimed to continuing the best traditions and practices to improve the quality of education and training, to improve conditions and promote scientific research and development of staff, expansion of international business development, participation and implementation of international and European projects and improving the equipment.

Technical College was established as Teachers' Institute in 1964 with the single subject "Mechanization of agriculture", as Acting Director Dimitar Stoyanov.
From 1965 to 1981 Director of Technical College is Todor Angelov.
This period is characterized by attracting of highly qualified lecturers and engineers –technicians staff.
Educational - methodical work of the academic staff constantly improved. During a few years the Institute acquired own image at the preparation of specialists and in 1972 under the proposal of Marya Roshmanova, then member of the Yambol area council, it became an independent academic institution.
In 1972 are accepted 60 Cuban students for teacher training practice. City Council of Municipality Yambol provided temporary buildings for the training, gives to the institute an area of 20 acres, and it built its own facilities for practical training and Student hostel -1. The practical training of students takes place in real terms and conditions. The Institute received recognition and prestige of state institutions - Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, and the Central Commission for Road Safety.
Professional cooperation was realized with the Institute of Vocational Technical Education in Leningrad, Moscow Institute of Civil road, Pedagogical Institute in Munich. A part of the lecturers developed their skills in these institutions. There were students' exchanges in 1978 and 1979.The students were sent to Uzbekistan to conduct manufacturing experience.
The period marked with the highest growth in the creation of modern facilities is 1981 – 1990, with Director Raicho Dimitrov.
At the end of 1983 the Municipality of Yambol provided a new building to the Institute. It was quickly adapted for classrooms and laboratory training of higher education. The construction of a modern training base - Faculty Building, Sports Complex, Educational facilities, Student canteen and repairing of Student hostel-2 began (it has been provided by the Municipality of Yambol). The students and lecturers were involved in this process actively.
For the purpose of the training, for the first time, were delivered new cars, tractors of different classes; grain folding, cultivation and seed cleaning machinery, and other farm implements, that enable advanced practical training.
In 1985 the Municipality of Yambol and the Institute organized the Republican Field day of teachers' institutes.
If at the beginning of working of the Institute there was only one major, in 1986 -1987 there were 7 majors with 1030 regular students and 300 part-time training students already. After examining the experience of leading European educational structures with the same subject, in 1989 was changed the period of training (from two to three years). The establishment of educational documentation, organization of training was under the guidance of specialists of the Ministry of Education.
During that period the Institute worked hard to improve scientific and methodical training of staff. As a result appeared the first candidate of pedagogical sciences - Roshmanova Maria, and later, Krassimir Yordzhev.
For success in the educational activity and concerning the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute, the State Council of Bulgaria awarded it with a medal "Cyril and Methodius" – first level.
Municipality Yambol and the Institute were the organizers and hosts of the Republican Field-day of teachers in 1985.
Professional activity - There were organized periodic training of all teachers - instructors from all over the country in short courses at the Institute. Annual training of over 500 teachers - instructors for training drivers was carried out periodically.
At the Institute began the new and attractive computer training. There was created a Higher education complex, as a structure of the University "Angel Kanchev" — Rousse with Director Prof. Dzhenko Daskalov.
From 1989 – 1991 for Director is elected Prof. Dr. Eng. Dzhenko Daskalov.
This period is characterized by the introduction of university organizational and structural changes necessary for organizing training of graduates. Training department, departments have been separated; educational and legal documentation has been established in accordance with the legal framework for higher education in the country. The foundations of academic cooperation with the University of Rousse "Rousse” have been place.
During the period 1991 – 1992 for Director is elected Ass. Prof. Maria Roshmanova.
There was expanding of cooperation with the University “ Angel Kanchev”- Rousse, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski "and High Food Institute - Plovdiv.
The raising of the quality of academic training at the Institute continued. The extremely creative atmosphere at the departments was created.
Coordinating Research Council of the University “Angel Kanchev” showed academic respect, tolerance and care to activities and problems of the Institute. President of the Coordinating Research Council participated in meetings of the Council of the college.
Facilities for training were improved. During this one year period was equipped laboratory with modern diagnostic engine SUN, for training workshops of clothing was purchased new set of Japanese sewing machines YUKI and was built new engine lab of fuel and lubricants under help of professors from the University – Rousse.
During this period, was restored in Renaissance way the celebration of the Feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius and at first was realized the idea the date will be a patronal festival of the Institute.
 The development of scientific activities took place especially in the management of Prof. Ivan Dimitrov-1992-1999.
Personnel policy is in the focus of the institute's management. Some professors and associate professors were invited from the University of Rousse, Technical University of Sofia, High Food Institute, Sofia University” St. Kliment Ohridski”, Technical University - Gabrovo, etc.
The Institute became an incubator of knowledge and science. A scientific research sector was created with the necessary legal documentation and organization of the relevant university model. The developed projects were financed by "Research Fund" of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Transport. Many of these contracts serve scientific topics of doctoral students enrolled in private training. During this period, defended the scientific degree "Doctor" 7 lecturers, at the following universities: University of Sofia -1; University of Rousse - 2, University of Economics - Varna -1; IMM-Sofia -1; University of Food Technology -Plovdiv-1 and 4 lecturers have received an academic title "Associated Professor."
 The scientific and teaching activities rose to a higher level and learning and practical application of knowledge and skills of students were improved too. This helps set up the learning experience base "NOPER-PI" Ltd..
The college organized courses of professional qualifications “Instructors of drivers”, ”Teachers”,” Information technology”,” Marketing and Management”,” Automation of financial accounting”, “Computer courses” etc.
 Under Decree № 374 of October 15 the Institute was transformed into a Technical College in the structure of the Trakia University - Stara Zagora with main activities “Training of technicians and teachers for degree "specialist on...” in 7 majors.
During the period 1999 - 2007 for Director of the College is elected Prof. Georgi Gaydazhiev.
Under the updating of the Higher Education Act and the State requirements for obtaining qualification degrees the College developed contemporary training documentation. During the period the National Accreditation Agency approved accredited program for 7 majors, 2 subjects were found by a project. An accreditation was carried out by National Accreditation Agency to convert basic unit “Technical College” to “Technical Faculty”.
Technical college signed contracts with universities to continue the training of graduates of Technical college to acquire degrees “bachelor” and “master”.
Scientific - research developed to a higher level by applying the principle of competition to develop research projects by the Trakia University Fund “Scientific Research”. There were developed 32 research projects.
During the period the degree "Doctor" received 4 lecturers, “Doctor of Sciences” - 1 and 4 lecturers received academic titles "Associated Professor" and 2 - "Professor".
Academic characters are introduced - alphabetic character of Technical college, flag, academic dress - robes and rituals - celebrate the patronal feast of Technical college - May 11, promotion, etc.
It is solemnly celebrated the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Technical College, which City Council Yambol it awarded the honorary sign - "Golden Emblem" for contribution to education.
Concluded a contract for scientific cooperation and exchange of students and teachers with South Slavic city Nikolaev Institute, Ukraine.
The academic staff has completed projects in European programs, "Leonardo da Vinci" and "Far":
1. „Harmonisation of the systems for vocational education and training", implemented under the" Leonardo da Vinci "of the European Union in the city of Malaga, Spain to measure mobility, 20 beneficiary;
2. „Start of cooperation between Technical colleges of Yambol and Edirne "made under the programme "Far" component "CBC", over 50 beneficiaries.
3. Exchange of educational models and technologies on both sides in the area "Transport" of vocational education, by programme “Far” Coordinator High School for road construction and transport equipment.
It is licensed by National Agency - Vocational Training Centre for 20 specialties.
In those '45 years are worked hundreds lectures and staff who have contributed to that Technical College to exists now and today.
Since 2008. Technical College management is performed by Prof. Dr. Krasimira Georgieva with management team:
From June 2009 Deputy Director of Academic Affairs is Prof. Dr. Ivanka Shivacheva and up to that period Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs was Prof. Eng. Stancho Stanchev.
Deputy Director of Scientific-Research and Administrative activity is Prof. Dr. Mitko Petev.  
Head of Qualifications and CPT activity is Prof. Dr. Ivanka Shivacheva.
Heads of departments are:
1. Engineering and Technology, Assoc.Prof. PhD Eng. Iliya Ginkov,
2. EEA and FT - Assoc. Prof. PhD Veselina Nedeva
3. GPGEP - Assoc.Prof. PhD. Zdr. Dzhandarmova.

From November 2011 Technical College - Yambol is transform into Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Trakia University - Stara Zagora.

Since 2011 FTT management is performed by DEAN  Prof. Dr. Krasimira Georgieva with management team:
From January 2012 Vice Dean of Academic Affairs is Assoc.Prof. PhD Eng. Tania Pehlivanova.
Vice Dean of Scientific-Research and Administrative activity is Assoc.Prof. phD Eng. Zlatina Kazlacheva.  
Head of Qualifications and CPT activity is Assoc.Prof. PhD Eng. Stancho Stanchev.



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