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'Automatin, Information and Controlling Equipment' Major

"Automation, Information and Controlling Equipment” (AICE) is a broad-profile major with that provides opportunities  for the graduates in the various areas of manufacturing, energy, commerce, administration services and more. During the course of education general technical, specialized and elective profile subject are taught.


The course has been accredited for six years by a decision of The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) from 25 June 2010.

The basic theoretical disciplines are led by professors and associate professors  Trakia University - Stara Zagora and guest lecturers from the Academy of Sciences - RU "Angel Kanchev" - Rousse and Technical University - Sofia.


The " Automation, Information and Controlling Equipment” graduates have the opportunities for apply their skills in the design and maintenance of systems for automatic control, as well as development of modern computer control systems and specialized software for their programming. The AICE graduates are also skilled in the application of computer technology for collecting, processing and storage of data, development and use of advanced automated systems for production quality control and environmental parameter control. The AICE students participate in the development of automated manufacturing technologies and have the opportunity to gain specific skills for contemporary information, computer and Internet technologies.

Practical training takes place if well equipped technical and computer laboratories as well as internships in companies such as “Hydraulic Elements and Systems”- JSC, “Vacuum El System” Corp.  and others.


A specialist in AICE has the following skills:

- Installation of measurement and control equipment;

- Tuning of industrial regulators;

- Inspection of measurement and control equipment;

- Maintenance of computer and microprocessor systems.


The course has been accredited by The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA).


Curriculum and programs courses are developed in accordance with the National education requirements  and allow the AICE graduates to continue their education to a higher degree in the RU "Angel Kanchev" - Rousse, TU - Sofia. and other academic institution on terms and conditions set by the state requirements and university regulations.




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