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Design, Technology and Management of the Fashion Industry

The studies of Professional Bachelor’s degree of ‘Design, Technology and Management of the Fashion Industry’ last for 3 academic years. The graduating students can continue their education in Master studies. 

The ‘Design, Technology and Management of the Fashion Industry’ alumni have worked as fashion designers and pattern makers, technologists of apparel and textile industry, managers of fashion houses and studios, apparel and textile firms.

Technical College of Yambol realizes students and teaching Erasmus mobilities. ‘Design, Technology and Management of the Fashion Industry’ partners are clothing and textile specialties in following universities:

·        University of Ljubljana, Slovenia;

·        Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic;

·        Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Greece;

·        Trakya University of Edirne, Turkey;

·        Namik Kemal University of Tekirdag, Turkey.

The students’ education is located on the central College building in halls and laboratories with modern equipment. 5 laboratories serve the education in design, clothing and textile subjects. A part of the practical training is situated in apparel and textile firms-partners.  

The academic staff participates in development of 15 science projects. The results are published in science journals and conferences’ proceedings in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Hungary and Ukraine. Like parts in the new student’s books, these results are introduced in the process of students’ education. A part of them are introduced in the apparel industry.

We are proud with the successes of our students. Maya Todorova and Ralitsa Kyoseva reach to the final stage of the national competition ‘The Faces of Europe in the Fashion and design’ organized by society of ‘Support for Debut’ in 2009. Petia Dineva wins the competition ‘The Best Student’s Project’, organiized by Textiles and Clothing Journal in 2010.




Квалификация и СДО

Студентска организация

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