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Auto Transport and Agriculture Technique

‘Auto Transport and Agriculture Technique’ is a new and unique specialty, which gives possibilities for training of specialists with higher education in areas of auto transport and agriculture. 

‘Auto transport and Agriculture Techniques’ was established after unification of both specialties of ‘Repair and Exploitation of Auto Transport Technique’ and ‘Agriculture Technique’.

The education of the ‘Auto transport and Agriculture Techniques’ students is with correspondence with the needs of our region and our country. Auto transport is one of the priorities in economy development. The development of the contemporary auto transport is unthinkable without well training specialists in every educational degree. The propitious soil and climatic conditions in Yambol region and Bulgaria aid the development of agriculture production and the use of contemporary agriculture technique and technologies.

The ‘Auto Transport and Agriculture Technique’ alumni have worked in engineer-technical services of logistic, repair, service and diagnostic of auto transport and agriculture technique, agriculture co-operations and other organization in the area of the transport and agriculture, and their technical, technological and agro technical services. The additional qualifications of ‘teacher’ and ‘driving license trainer’ give possibilities for our alumni for work in every drivers training institutions.



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